Who are we

In today's world of technology learning Quran online is a great opportunity for those who have a strong desire to read, study and learn Quran and its various sciences in a small period of time. We are providing our services anywhere around the globe at your home considering your comfort factor. Iqra Quran academy is one of the initiators of these services. We have highly professional Quran tutors using ultra modern telecommunication means who help students to read Quran.

Why Choose Us

Aim of Iqra Quran academy is to teach Quran to generations of Muslim World so that they may become true Muslims. Our highly qualified and experienced team is covering geographical area from Canada to USA and from UK to Australia and other parts of the world too. Because of rich culture based on harmony and respect and effective and efficient team work, we have taught thousands of students around the world.

Who can Learn

Any student who is having a good internet connection and computer/tablet can learn Quran from Iqra Quran Academy. Our tutor will make live session interactive via Skype. We warmly invite you to take trial class and later on become part of those thousands of families residing in different continents of the world who are satisfied from our services.


Courses Offered by Iqra Quran Academy

Quran Reading

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Quran Translation



Hadith Learning


Students can choose different packages based on their Interest

Plan A

Five Days a Week

Plan B

Three Days a Week

Plan C

Two Days a Week

Plan D

Weekend Classes

Plan E

One Day a Week

Advantages or Benefits

1-Hassle Free Learning

By getting services of Iqra Quran Academy you do not need to go somewhere physically. You will learn Quran virtually by staying at your home.

2-Well Experienced Teachers

Iqra Quran academy is having a team of highly qualified, professional and experienced teachers who are having minimum 8 years of educational background from different universities and many years of teaching experience. They teach each student according to his/her need. All of them are excellent Qaris(Reciters of Quran).

3-Suitable and Friendly Learning Schedule

Online learning from your home or during break in a coffee shop or at work is more suitable and friendly providing you the utmost ease than to go somewhere physically to attend classes. Iqra Quran Academy gives you the opportunity to schedule your classes according to your ease so that leaning may become focused.

4- In-Expensive Fee Structure

Online classes with such a low fee structure is an attractive opportunity now a days when tuition fee is hiking everywhere and saving with quality education is prime focus of families.

5- Self-Management

A research based analysis states that an online studying student is efficient enough to manage one's time and now a days time is the most precious commodity a human being possesses. Apart from this online classes inculcate soft skills from communication to consistency.

6-Profound Impact

Courses offered by Iqra Quran Academy are having profound impact on the lives of our students. Courses ranging from Quranic translation to Tajwid and Biography of Prophet PBUH help students in their daily routine life and its impact will transfer generation after generation.


Email: info@quranlearningonline.org

Skype: quranlearningonline1.org

USA +1 347 354 1564

UK +44 20 7100 2373

Canada +1 437 370 4389