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Q. What is E-Quranlearning?

Quran Learning Online is a privately owned enterprise which is engaged in exploring the new avenues for promoting remote tutoring, especially the Holy Quran . With its team of specialists in education, it is facilitating thousands of people around the world. Its team for the Quran project consists of a large number of qualified and experienced Qaris, Huffaz and scholars in the religious studies. Amongst those, most are graduates and post graduates in multiple courses of studies. They have vast experience in teaching.

Q. What is the objective of

Quran Learning Online is working as an E-Education resource through remote access. The main purpose of Iqra Quran Academy is Quran  teaching.

Q. Why is learning the Quran so important?

For those of us who were not raised as Muslims, those of us who reverted to Islam by choice, the first words we uttered as Muslims--indeed, the words which marked our passage into our faith--were in Arabic: ashshaduan la illaha illa Allah, wa ashshaduana Muhammadan rasul Allah. We were required not only to properly utter this phrase, but to thoroughly understand it. We quickly learned other Arabic words and phrases such as assalaam alaikum, alhamdu lillah, in sha' Allah.

Q. Why do people prefer US for learning?

At Quran Learning Online you will find the best technology utilization by which you can receive instruction from the tutors at your home through online one to one interaction. Iqra Quran Academy has a team of high profile qualified and experienced tutors who are mostly graduate/post graduate backing with the scholarly knowledge in teaching Quran  through remote access. Iqra Quran Academy has a global network where the primary objective is to extend the Quranic knowledge in every corner of the world feeling it a moral duty and a religious obligation.  The customer support staff is cordial and courteous, and quick to respond to every query within little time. The classes are scheduled according to your selected time. You can revise your class time in a week's notice for adjustment of your class as per your new schedule. No registration fee is charged, nor are there any hidden charges. Special Discounts are available for multiple students from the same family. You can have classes on weekends if you don't have time during the weekdays. The tutors are quite capable of teaching Quran with tajweed and in the true Arabic accent and pronunciation. There are no long term contracts for collecting charges and fees. At Iqra Quran Academy, fees are deposited on a monthly basis.

Q. What are the essential things I need to connect with

1. Computer or Laptop
2. Headphone/Speakers
3. Microphone
4. DSL/Cable 
5. A meeting software for visual contact and telephony software for audio contact
Note: The expenses of these software utilization will be borne by International Institute of Online Quran Learning. Our team of I.T experts will assist you in downloading

Q. What is the starting age to learn Quran and how long it would take to complete it? Can it be repeated for corrections?

Learn Quran Online can be started from the age of 3 years and it can be learned by anyone without discrimination of age. The normal period for completing is around one year, but some students are motivated enought to complete in around eight months.  Since the correct reading of the Quran is imperative, the courses should be repeated under the guidance of a qualified tutor as needed.


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How It Works

You should have following mention things to have our classes:

  • Computer or Laptop
  • DSL/Broadband Connection
  • Headphone/Speakers
  • Microphone
  • For visual contact you will need to have net-meeting software and for audio contact telephony software. You may download these software from internet free of cost. Our engineering team will assist you in this regard