How it Works

How it Works

You should have following mention things to have our classes:

Hardware Requirment

  • Computer or Laptop or Tablet
  • Internet Connection
  • Headphone/Speakers
  • Microphone

  • Software Requirment and Procedure

    Complete Procedure that which software we use and how to install & configure these software's.

    1. After Completing registration process you will receive E-mail for confirmation.

    2.Download Skype and create your Skype ID.

    3. Add to your Skype ID so we can communicate via Skype.

    4. Start your FREE trial

    5. After free trial & agreed with the terms & conditions of Iqra Quran Academy, then contact with our Administration for continue your regular classes.

    Through Skype's function of screen sharing, lessons will be shared on student's computer/device screen during class. This will enable student to view the same Arabic script on one's screen as teacher would be viewing and student will be able to read and communicate live with one's teacher as clearly as they are sitting in a physical classroom. Teacher can highlight letters and words of the Quran to enhance the understanding of the student. After the completion of registration student will be connected with a Quran teacher for an exclusive classes at a pre-agreed time.